Key Features

Frequency Range: 136-174 MHz VHF
5 W
CTCSS/DCS Tones Allowing For Individual Calls and Group Calls
Wired Clone Feature Allows For Easy Transfer Of Features From One Radio to Another
VOX Operation With Hands Free Communication (With Appropriate Audio Accessories)
High Capacity 1700 mAh Li-Ion Battery
Follows IP-65 Standard With A High Level Of Protection Against Water Damage and Dust
Military Specifications 810 C/D/E/F
Password Protection
Feature & Status Annunciation
Battery, Antenna, Wall Charger & Charging Cup Holding Strap & Belt Clip Included In Standard Package
The radio offers several scan options for greater flexibility, including programmable timers, priority channels and options for reverting to a channel. A nuisance delete option is also provided.

Low Battery Alarm
When the battery reaches a low energy level, an audible and visual alarm will be emitted by the radio to warn the user to replace or recharge the battery.

Busy Channel Lockout
If a different CTCSS/CDCSS(DCS) is detected on a channel, TX is blocked on that channel to avoid interference with other talk groups while the conversation lasts.

16 Conventional Channels
Each channel can be programmed with several options on a per channel basis.

Frequency Range
136-174MHZ (VHF) / 400-470 MHZ (UHF)

Water Resistance & Dust Protection
The radio meets the requirements for Ingress Protection Standard IP-65.

Features & Status Annunciation
The radio will let you know its status as well as a variety of different features by a voice
announcement. Feature status announcements include: battery life remaining & channel selected.
There is also an option to customize the language of the voice. Type your paragraph here.